Stream Energy a Finalist for Global Energy Award

Posted On: October 24, 2007

Dallas Firm Honored For High Standard Of Excellence

10-24-2007 – Stream Energy, a Dallas-based energy provider that is among the fastest growing enterprises in American business history, has been named as a finalist for the Platts Global Energy Rising Star Award.

Platts, a division of McGraw-Hill Companies, annually grants awards to companies and individuals that consistently set a high standard of excellence within the energy industry.

The announcement that Stream Energy is a finalist for the prestigious award follows the selection of Stream by the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce for a Momentum Award. Stream Energy received the Greater Dallas Chamber's award for local employment growth October 5.

Stream Energy is one of 10 firms from all over the world nominated for the Platts Rising Star Award. The winners will be announced November 29 in special ceremonies in New York.

Platts is a leading global provider of energy and metals information. With 14 offices worldwide, it serves customers in more than 150 countries. The Global Energy Awards have been described as the "Academy Awards" and "World Series" of the energy industry.

Platts named Stream Energy as a finalist for the award based on the firm's ability to recognize energy deregulation in Texas as an opportunity to create a whole new competitive market that would benefit customers and generate revenue for thousands of Texans.

Since its founding less than three years ago, Stream Energy has grown to 300,000 customers and one of the four major players in the Texas residential retail power market. During the same period, company revenues have increased 500 percent from the $45 million earned in the initial year.

Through Stream Energy's strategic marketing plan, individuals serving as Ignite Associates can market energy to friends and family members. This "Texans helping Texans" plan has resulted in unprecedented growth for Stream Energy and created an important outlet where individuals can earn income.

Stream Energy is listed by the Dallas Morning News as the 51st largest privately owned firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Stream recently announced plans to increase the size of its corporate headquarters at the INFOMART in Dallas by an additional 150,000 square feet.

Rob Snyder, co-founder and chairman of Stream Energy, said being named a finalist for a Platts Global Energy Award is capping a banner year for the firm.

"The rise of Stream Energy is solely attributable to people who appreciated that success is most often the result of hard work and persistence," Snyder said. "Our growth has come so rapidly that it still strikes me as incredible for an organization as respected in the energy industry as Platts to select us a finalist for the Rising Star Award."

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