November 2012

Stream Energy’s Two-Minute Drill

Posted On: November 26, 2012 | By: Stream Marketing

It’s no secret among the Stream Energy employee family that I was a linebacker during my college playing years. But I have to confess that there is one aspect of the offensive side of the ball that I have a weakness for, and that’s the two-minute drill.

The two-minute drill: that time of the game when the offense has to make some pretty dramatic things happen in a short amount of time to win.

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Customer Quick Check – The Evolution of Quality Confirmation

Posted On: November 5, 2012 | By: Stream Marketing

We are pleased to announce that Stream Energy has launched a brand new process for Quality Confirmation: Customer Quick Check. This new process became available to new Northeast customers on Friday, November 2. This new feature will be available to Texas and Georgia customers at a later date.

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