Prepping for Black Friday Shopping

Posted On: November 19, 2018

When people think of Black Friday, they immediately think of hectic stores, long lines and discounts. While shopping for good deals this Black Friday, consider searching for discounts on things you pay for year round like monthly services you use and would like to save money on most of all. For example, shopping for the best electricity or phone/wireless plan could save you money.

Ask yourself the following questions as you begin researching:

●      What does my monthly electricity and wireless usage look like?

●      How much am I paying for electricity and/or wireless service now?

●      Does what I use and what I pay match? Am I being overcharged?

●      Am I getting a competitive price(s)?

●      Am I happy with my provider(s)?

●      What would green energy look like for my home?

●      Would it be beneficial for me to bundle services?

After considering what you may or may not be getting from your current providers, you can utilize search engines such as for energy and for wireless and phone plans to continue your research. Much like for Black Friday shopping, doing some simple research could save you big bucks in the end. And who doesn’t like that?

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