Thinking Ahead With Switching Energy Providers

Posted On: March 8, 2018

When it comes to your energy service provider, it pays to plan ahead. Consider some of the following predicaments when researching which provider is right for you.

Look Out For Lurking Contract Fees – Hidden contract fees are hands-down the worst; all it takes to steer clear of an unwelcome surprise is a little bit of reading ahead of time. Take the time to read the fine print of any plan you might be considering.

Only Pick ‘Em if You Trust ‘Em – Simple enough. You wouldn’t buy a monkey’s paw from someone giving you the heebie-jeebies. Energy plans are the exact same deal. You may not actively consider it on a daily basis, but your energy is a big part of your life; you’re going to want to trust your provider from start to finish. Stream is founded on the concept of human connection, and so trust is ingrained into how we approach providing.

Word of Mouth is Worth Something – Ask your friends and relatives who they use, and who they like to use. Companies that treat their customers right often times don’t even have to do the talking, their customers will do it for them.

Looking for a Good Start – Doubling back on this because it’s doubly important: read ahead to avoid hidden contract fees. Perhaps the most diabolical of the bunch are the hidden sign-up fees, as well as potential turn on/disconnect fees. Charging someone more from the start for picking you is simply wrong. In the same thread of thought, early cancellation fees and minimum usage fees are sinister in their own right. If you can’t find it in writing anywhere, but you’re still suspicious, call your provider and ask them point blank.

Know Where You’re Heading – Something worth considering when shopping around for your energy plan: how long you plan to reside in your current abode. Why, you ask? Because should a move loom on the horizon, the last thing you’d want to discover is a fee to transfer your service from one location to the next. Again, ask your potential provider if there would be a fee to transfer your service should you happen to move. It’s well worth weighing in your consideration of who to pick.

One final thing to keep in mind when picking the service provider right for you: Stream offers EZ Start. That’s right, we’ll cover the early termination fee (up to $150) of your current provider, so that you can breathe easy starting an energy plan right for you. Yet another way that Stream keeps it simple!

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