The Best Treat? A Safe Halloween!

Posted On: October 25, 2017

As exciting of a time it is to marvel at the manufactured thrills and chills, Halloween also poses real life threats and dangers. Don’t let bad news creep up on you, take these simple precautions to make sure that your night is more treats than torment.

Walking Around Halloween-Town

The best part of Halloween for any family is braving the dark, showing off your costume, and earning plenty of delicious sweets. You can help make the scares a minimum if you try these tips.

  • Path to Victory – plan out the route you’ll be trick-or-treating on ahead of time. Consider well-lit streets you wish to travel and boundaries (such as roads) you won’t cross. Decide the time you’ll head home in advance. This plan will optimize candy return on time investment, while cutting down on unforeseen (and unnecessary) dangers.
  • I See a Bright Light – plan costumes that are bright and reflective. Visibility is critical to safety, especially with the possibility of crossing streets at night. Consider finding a way to incorporate reflective tape into the costume. A glowing ghost is way more exciting than a regular ghost.
  • Spooky, But Not Dangerous – while we’re on the tangent of costumes: consider the costumes’ benefits and hazards to safety. Make sure the costume in question incorporates comfortable shoes. Shy away from costumes with components you could trip on. Masks can limit eyesight, so check out non-toxic makeup and headgear as a safer alternative.
  • “Ugh Mom You’re Embarrassing Me!” – Ah yes, the magical age where kids decide they’re older than they really are. We’ve all been there. Halloween is more of the same conundrum: still young enough to trick or treat, but now too old to do it with parents. If you trust your young-adult out trick-or-treating, make sure they go with a group of friends at all times. Also supply them with a cell phone, so that they can call you, or 911, if necessary.
  • Screen the Treats – at the end of the night, check all candy and sweets to see if any have been tampered with. If any piece is open, or peculiar in any way, just throw it away.

In Your Own Haunted House

Halloween isn’t just strutting the streets in costume; a considerable amount of the spirit lives in your very home! Consider these tips for keeping the danger away when crafting your Haunted House.

  • Put the Best Grin On – When carving jack-o-lanterns, do not let children handle the carving. Instead, turn it into a fun family project: they can pick out the design and trace it, and then you carve it. When lighting up your masterpiece, don’t use candles! Candles are a fire hazard, and in the incredibly wise words of Frankenstein, “Fire bad.” Use glowsticks instead!
  • Don’t let Halloween Decorations Haunt Your Electricity Bill – Everyone always wants to have the spookiest house on the street, but most never consider what kind of toll that takes on your home. When searching for lights to decorate, seek out LED lights as they quickly add up to major savings. The terror of phantom-drain is real, and applies to Halloween decorations as much as regular household appliances. Check out our handy guide on how to scare away those Energy Vampires.
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