Timmy the Intern Presents: National Energy Awareness Month

Posted On: October 24, 2017

We believe in practicing what we preach, so we challenged Timmy the Intern to lower his energy bill for the month of October, AKA National Energy Awareness Month. Success meant we offered him a full-time salary; failure meant he was re-organizing 12 years worth of fluctuating energy rate data for every continent. We store it all in a basement; we’re pretty sure it’s haunted. Here’s what he recorded in his journal on all that transpired in his energy-saving adventures:

Day 1 –
Today is the first day of my energy saving! I figured I’d start out slow, but diligent. Right now I’m just making sure I turn lights off when I leave a room. It’s easy enough, and should add up to make the difference I need!

Day 3 –
I thought I was going crazy; every room I walk into has the lights turned on, even when I was sure I turned them off when I left. It turns out my roommate has been leaving them on. This energy saving might be a little more difficult than I imagined.

Day 6 –
I overheard people talking in the break room about a funny gif on the blog and checked it out myself. Even better than the gif were the tips! I had never even heard of Phantom Drain before I read it; now I know how to fight it! I went ahead and bundled everything in my apartment, this is hands down the easiest way to save energy I’ve ever heard of. That salary is as good as mine.

Day 7 –
My roommate decided to host a party, and not tell me. This is infuriating. For some reason he has every single light on, and the TV (which no one is watching) on just “for background noise.” There’s music playing! Why do you need background noise with music playing?!

Day 12 –
I dug around Stream’s website some more and found another golden-egg of wisdom: energy-saving while cooking! I’ve been doing it for every meal, they’re surprisingly easy to implement. I feel like I’m saving energy, so hopefully I really am.

Day 15 –
My roommate filled our apartment with neon signs because “they’re a better aesthetic.” And now he refuses to turn them off… It’s looking grim for me. I am terrified of that basement; it looks very haunted.

Haha, good one Timmy! Does he succeed in lowering his energy bill? Or will he have to work the next several months in a dark, awful basement? Check back in at the end of the month to find out! 

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