How to Fend Off Burglars AND Pricey Energy Bills

Posted On: January 31, 2017

While owning a home comes with added benefits and excitement, there are certain dangers to be aware of that that you didn’t need to be before owning a home. From an increased number of bills to a laundry list of things that could go wrong, it also brings an increased risk of burglaries. In fact, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States.

While you may think that home burglaries only occur at night and by breaking through windows, this is not always the case. Reports show that 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door and most break-ins occur in the daytime when residents are away.

By taking proactive steps to make your home safer, you can decrease the risk of your home being burglarized. Here are our top tips to keep help protect your home: 

Check the Doors

According to a FBI crime report, nearly one-third of all burglaries occur through unforced entries, so always be sure to double check that all doors are locked around your house. Not only are doors one of the main points of entry for burglars, but they are also most vulnerable to forced entries. Two ways to decrease the risk of being robbed through the front door are 1) to install a solid door (free of windows) and 2) make sure the door is visible from the street.

Check the Windows

Just like doors, always make sure you close and lock a window after opening – even those windows on the second (or third) floor. Additionally, make sure those locks are sturdy and the frames are strong. If you do leave a window open for ventilation, make sure the opening is not large enough for someone to reach through and unlock the window. For more tips on burglar-proofing windows, check out these tips from

Be a Good Neighbor

Having good relationships with your neighbors is another way to decrease the risk of being robbed. When you first move into your home, be sure to meet those across the street from you and exchange numbers – that way they can reach you if they see anything suspicious going on at your house (and vise-versa).

As you take on the role of being a new homeowner (or perhaps you’ve owned a home for a while now), keep in mind our tips for decreasing the risk of burglaries. While these steps work to protect you, there is always risk. Investing in technology that allows you to see what’s happening in your home, even where you’re not there is another way to safeguard your home.

How Stream Can Help

With our new SkyBell plan, we’re bundling the price certainty of a long term fixed energy plan plus a free SkyBell smart doorbell – with a wireless, high-definition video that allows customers to see, hear and speak to visitors via smartphone or tablet. On top of the long-term fixed-rate energy plan, customers of our Smart 30 SkyBell plan can continue to keep their homes warm AND safe without breaking the bank.

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