This Holiday Season, Give Yourself the Gift of Identity Theft Protection While Saving Money

Posted On: December 16, 2016

With the holiday season upon us, Americans are taking to online shopping more than usual. A recent LifeLock survey showed that one third of Americans are planning to do most, if not all, of their shopping online. Additionally, the survey shows that identity theft is a concern for 71 percent of online shoppers. With the news headlines regularly featuring stories about hacks and cybersecurity (just in this week: a Yahoo hack of 1 billion accounts), identity theft is a real concern.

But identity theft is not just an issue during the winter months. Every minute, nearly 19 people become victims of identity theft. While the total amount stolen from victims decreased slightly in 2015, the number of victims remained steady at 13.1 million. Here at Stream, we recognize this growing issue and we want to do our part to make sure our customers don’t become another statistic and victim of identity theft.

With our Protect & Save Bundle, we’re yet again putting the power into our customers’ hands by providing them with the opportunity to receive free identity theft protection. When new or existing customers enroll in our 18 Month Protect & Save energy plan, they will also receive free identity protection, valued at $270, from our Protective Services line (which also includes credit monitoring, roadside assistance, virtual MD, and tech support). This program is the first example of us at Stream grouping our innovative services to add value to customers. We see it as the first instance we bundle our services (with many new exciting bundles to come!), as our vision of creating a connected, one-stop-shop experience for all of life’s most important services becomes a reality.

To our knowledge, this type of bundle is the first of its kind for any deregulated energy provider and, so far, nearly 15,000 individuals (and counting) have taken advantage of this offering. While we have bundled services with equipment before (for example, our Smart 30 Thermostat Plan), this is our first time bundling services with other services. In doing so, we hope to provide customers with price certainty, peace of mind and the ability to budget. Check out our recent story in energy website Energy Choice Matters, discussing this major company move.

As you decide which of our service plans works best for you, take into consideration the added benefits of bundling. We at Stream are constantly striving to diversify our product line and offer customers the right services at the right prices. With Protect & Save, we hope to help customers protect their identity year-round alongside the comfort and reassurance of Stream’s Energy Services. 

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