A Message from Bouncer Regarding Litigation Between Stream and Solavei

Posted On: February 11, 2015

UPDATE: Judge Craig Smith of the 192nd District Court dismissed with prejudice the lawsuit filed against Stream. Stream is now pursuing counterclaims against Solavei. Read the details here.

In an effort to be transparent with our Associates, employees, media and anyone else interested in this matter, I wanted to share updated information about the recent allegations brought against us by Solavei.

On January 23, just before our nationwide mobile launch in Las Vegas, Solavei issued a strongly worded press release stating that a Dallas District Court judge blocked us from “launching mobile service using trade secrets stolen from Solavei,” suggesting they had effectively halted our mobile launch and that the judge found Stream had acted improperly.

As we at Stream know, this was not the case. We had a very successful mobile launch and celebrated our 10-year anniversary at UNLEASHED in Las Vegas. Contrary to what Solavei’s January 23 press release claims, the judge refused to shut down our launch, declined to rule that Stream had acted improperly in any way, and simply signed an order reinforcing an existing confidentiality agreement between Stream and Solavei, which we have continuously upheld. This TRO actually expired at midnight on Saturday, February 7.

We’re confident and extremely happy about the success of our nationwide mobile launch, and we look forward to working through this matter using the proper legal channels to come to a quick resolution.

I’ll revise this blog post as major updates unfold.



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