Reaching $1 Billion: Stream Featured in Direct Selling News

Posted On: December 17, 2014

Direct Selling News featured us in its December cover article “Who Will Summit Next?: Reaching $1 Billion.” We’re proud to say that we’ve met the billion-dollar summit, and happy to be recognized in this publication.

Stream Energy/Ignite has been camped near the billion-dollar summit for the past four years, breaking the $900 million ceiling in 2010… The company has seen continued growth, particularly in Hispanic markets, and has significant expectations for company growth across the board in 2014 and beyond as it diversifies its service offerings, allowing it to sell nationwide.”

Our company has experienced tremendous growth since inception with our energy services, which are currently available in six states. We are proud to have reached this huge milestone in our history and look forward to seeing further growth with our new mobile services that will soon launch nationwide. We’ve prepared for the ongoing success that is to come, setting ourselves up to become a world-class organization, both internally and externally.

“At Stream Energy, CEO and President Mark Schiro and his team have been making improvements to IT, customer service and marketing to handle its growth. ‘Our goal at Stream is to create a world-class organization,’ Schiro says. ‘We’ve organized ourselves in such a way to support this growth, and we look forward to becoming a world-class company on both an internal and external level.’”

Together, our team has successfully scaled new heights and will continue the journey over the next year.

“The direct selling industry is an industry comprising people who seek to achieve things never thought possible, scaling new heights, whether reaching inside oneself to achieve personal goals or driving a company toward what is considered the Mount Everest in direct selling, the $1 billion summit.”

Check out the full article to read more about what this means for our future.
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