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Posted On: December 17, 2014

Our President & CEO Mark “Bouncer” Schiro recently contributed a great article, “4 Essentials for Retaining and Motivating Your Direct Sales Force,” to

The article addresses how loyalty is an ongoing challenge in the direct sales industry, as people tend to look for the “next big thing.” After transforming Stream into one of the largest direct selling companies in the world, Schiro offers his expert tips for keeping a sales force loyal, motivated and constantly hungry for success.

1. Provide clear direction.

“If you aren’t able to provide a clear vision of the path the company is heading down, then you can’t provide your sales force with deliverables to prove the company and its team members are actually heading down that path.”

He points out that a vision and steps leading toward that vision are necessary to achieve future company objectives. Great leaders know what they’re leading toward, allowing them to “mobilize their troops to accomplish seemingly impossible goals.”

2. Be likable.

“In direct selling, your sales force is a “volunteer army,” so they get to decide who they work for, how long they work and where they work. If people don’t like and respect you, they won’t stay with you.”

Being likeable goes a long way when it comes to maintaining a motivated sales force.

3. Be transparent and communicate.

“The sales force is not always located near a company’s headquarters, but oftentimes dispersed across a wide territory. Video updates from the CEO are a great way to keep team members that may be located far away feeling closely connected and can help break up the distance.”

Keeping team members updated on company news using consistent communication is key to showing them they’re valued. The phrase “one voice, one vision” speaks to this strategy, with monthly video updates playing a part in unified messaging.

4. It’s all about the product and the opportunity.

“It’s crucial the field believes in the product they are selling, since in today’s market there are so many copycats out there. Essentially, if you don’t have a real value proposition, you won’t be successful.”

Providing the sales force with the best opportunity and the best product possible ensures they will be proud of what they’re selling.


Check out the full article to read more of Schiro’s insightful tips.

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