September Succulence

Posted On: September 10, 2012

As the calendar switches to September, exciting events return to the horizon. Stadiums welcome the return of frenzied fans, parkways of summer green evolve to autumn auras, flashing school zones emerge from summer hibernation and Mother Nature ushers in relief from summer’s grasp.

Whatever your preferred part of autumn’s arrival, the fall feels refreshing. As cooler breezes blow and temperatures begin to drop, Stream Energy is refreshing our rates.

Effective last week, Stream Energy dropped rates in most of our service areas across Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. The perfect beginning to fall is already in full force.

In Texas, fall is still in its infancy as many cities saw temperatures topping 100º for much of last week. As a cold front arrived, so did lower Texas rates. Lower rates were also seen in the Northeast territories, as well as in Georgia.

So as September succulence begins to sink in, Stream Energy customers can keep focused on pigskin players, pumpkins and helping with homework.

As your best friend’s energy company, we know your time is precious because we’re husbands and mothers, too. So, get back to what’s important and we’ll take care of your energy needs with great rates that you don’t have to think twice about and customer service you’ll want to brag about.

From our family to yours, enjoy the upcoming autumn and don’t forget to start off your September succulence with a great new low rate from Stream Energy—your best friend’s energy company.

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