The Power of Clean Living

Posted On: July 23, 2012

Through Clean Nation by Stream Energy, you have a very simple and easy way to pitch in and clean things up for our kids and our future generations. This program provides you with the opportunity to help replace fossil fuel-based generation with clean renewable generation, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, preserve the environment for future generations, and create a better financial future for you and your family.

As a member of Clean Nation, you are signing up for a monthly subscription of just $19.95. In return, Stream Energy will issue you a Green-e® Energy certified renewable energy certificate (REC) each month. You will still receive an energy bill from your current supplier – but now you are offsetting your non-green electricity usage with a clean product that is 100% renewable and 100% domestic.

We’re not only helping promote a cleaner tomorrow for future generations, however; we’re also providing environmentally responsible individuals with financial incentives for carrying the banner of renewable energy.

Stream Energy compensates people for becoming Renewable Energy Partners (REPs) and encouraging their families and friends to support clean energy. Regardless of where they live or who their electricity provider is, customers residing in all 50 states may now purchase RECs from Stream Energy and get paid for gathering other REC customers.

So breathe easier; energy deliverance is at hand. Help clean up our nation, create income for your family, encourage energy independence and leave a better world for our children. It’s the power of clean living, thanks to Clean Nation – brought to you by your best friend’s energy company, Stream Energy.

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