Life's Surprise Announcements

Posted On: March 9, 2012

Brian HaleBy Stream Energy Internal Communications Editor Brian Hale

Last weekend, Ignite held its seventh annual Ignition convention. During each convention, Ignite delivers many great new programs to help Associates better their lives and their businesses. For this year’s event, Ignite witnessed a special surprise announcement that came as a first in the seven years the company has been hosting Ignition.

Presidential Director Brian Lucia emceed this year’s General Session on Saturday and periodically went into the audience to interview Associates who shared their life-changing stories with the thousands of other in attendance.

As the General Session cranked up after lunch, Lucia ventured back into the audience and introduced New Jersey Managing Director Patrick Franklin and Patrick’s girlfriend, Director Kristin Kane.

ProposalPatrick began sharing his story when Lucia smiled and asked: “Is there a defining moment that you’d like to share with us?”

Patrick smiled and replied, “Actually, I thought today would be a great time to make a defining moment.”

As Patrick turned to his girlfriend, excitement and anticipation made its way around the arena. Patrick knelt down in front of Kristin, and cheers and applause resonated throughout the arena. Lucia held a microphone for the heartfelt marriage proposal heard by roughly 7,500 witnesses.

As the proposal ended and the new sparkles donned Kristin’s finger, Patrick hugged and kissed his new fiancée to the roar of the arena’s approval. Lucia then presented the newly-engaged couple with an envelope that contained a special gift on behalf of the Stream Energy executive management team. The couple was given a gift certificate for an elegant dinner at a location of their choosing upon arrival back home in New Jersey.

As an Ignition first, how could the moment get any sweeter?

A few days after the couple arrived home, Patrick sent an email to Senior Director of Field Development, Darryl Smith, expressing his gratitude for the assistance Ignite provided in the proposal. Patrick expressed his love of Ignite and said how proud he was to be a part of such a great family and company.

Patrick wrote: “Kristin and I realized that we would like to keep the gift going forward to help someone less fortunate and were wondering if you would instead make a donation to Captain Hope’s Kids on our behalf.”

(Captain Hope’s Kids has been on hand at Ignition the past two years, and Stream Energy and its Ignite Associates have donated thousands of dollars to help support Dallas-area homeless children. For 2012, the company is donating $5,000.)

To honor the couple’s generosity, Stream Energy donated an additional $200 to Captain Hope’s Kids on behalf of Patrick Franklin and Kristin Kane. With the additional donations made by other Associates at Ignition, the charity will receive a total of $6,458.

This year’s Ignition was geared towards helping Associates turn their lives around financially and bettering their families’ futures. Thanks to the generosity of the Associates in attendance at Ignition 2012, thousands of homeless children in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex can look forward to a brighter future.

The generous spirit of the Ignite family is seen in our business on a daily basis during business meetings and presentations; from Presidential Directors to new recruits. And thanks to Patrick and Kristin, it can be found during even the most personal and memorable of life experiences.


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