Behind the Scenes of Big D NYE 2012

Posted On: February 28, 2012

Brian HaleBy Internal Communications Editor Brian Hale

For the second consecutive year, Stream Energy partnered with WFAA to sponsor the Big D NYE Fireworks Spectacular. Big D NYE is a huge outdoor New Year’s Eve celebration in Dallas that provides partygoers an experience similar to the famous atmosphere in Times Square in New York City. This past New Year’s Eve, the event was broadcast to over 6.6 million homes in areas across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Kansas.

Two Stream Energy employees were on hand to take in this special night and to start the fireworks celebration in style. Office Manager Jessica Vitela and Receptionist Gayrelyn Miller recently told us about their experience at Big D NYE 2012.

1. How did you learn you were selected to represent Stream Energy at Big D NYE and how did you respond to the offer?

Jessica VitelaJV: I was at home on vacation when I got the call. When I heard what the opportunity was, there were no words that came out of my mouth—I just screamed in excitement. I didn’t say one word. Once it was mentioned that Gayrelyn was going to be joining me, I got even more excited and screamed even more. I was so thankful and words couldn’t express how excited I was.

Gayrelyn MillerGM: I was here at work by myself since Jessica was on vacation. When I was asked if I had plans for New Years Eve and if I would like to push the button to begin the fireworks show, I was so excited, proud and overwhelmed.

2. What did you do while at the event?

JV: I arrived at the about same time the Dallas Stars game ended so traffic was crazy. There were so many people and I panicked a little bit because I was worried I wouldn’t make it to where I needed to be. I finally made it through the crowds and met Gayrelyn inside the WFAA studios where they were having a private party for the WFAA employees. We were able to stay and enjoy the party with them. We met a lot of great people, including contestants participating in different contests that night. Our Chairman, Rob Snyder, sent me a text message that said: “Don’t shame us” in a playful tone to wish us well. About 30 minutes before midnight, we were escorted to an area behind the stage where we were going to push the button. We were able to enjoy the music backstage until they escorted us onstage to get the crowd excited with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. We were in shock at the thousands of people in attendance.

GM: When I first got into the WFAA studios, the first thing that struck me was how extremely welcoming everyone was. It was a laidback party atmosphere, and it was really nice. We stayed inside the studios and enjoyed the party until it was time to go out on the stage with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I got really excited when it was time to push the button to start the fireworks show. It was such a great experience. It was an opportunity and an experience that I will never forget.

3. Describe the moments just before midnight.

JV: When the countdown got down to 10 seconds, we began counting down with the rest of the crowd. Once it got to zero the crowd went wild and crazy, and we pushed the button with Jeanne Reyer from Captain Hope’s Kids. It truly was an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

GM: We were on stage yelling and cheering with the thousands of people in the crowd. We pushed the button, and the fireworks started going off above us. We were hugging the cheerleaders and were watching everyone in the crowd celebrate. My eyes welled up when I realized how thankful I was to make it to another year and to do it such a great fashion.

[wpvideo JhNyEljm]

4. What was your favorite part of the night?

JV: For me, my favorite part was being onstage right before midnight and feeling the energy from the crowd. The sea of thousands of people were cheering, yelling and celebrating all together. It was really neat.

GM: I agree with Jessica. My favorite part was being onstage, pushing the button, seeing the fireworks and seeing how happy and joyous everyone in the crowd was. It was really amazing to see people of different color, gender, size and shape all celebrating and being happy together. To experience that with everyone was amazing.

5. How did you spend the rest of the evening after starting the Stream Energy Fireworks Spectacular?

JV: After the fireworks were over, we went backstage and mingled with people we had never met. We just had a great time. Everyone was so happy and excited. We got to meet some really neat WFAA personalities and other local celebrities who were there. I brought my mom to the event with me, and she also had a great time. I had to go find my mom on the dance floor dancing the night away inside the WFAA studios after the fireworks show!

GM: We stayed and watched the fireworks and then partied the night away with everyone. I left about an hour after midnight, but we had such a great time. Our boss texted both Jessica and I, and she thanked us for representing Stream Energy so well at the Big D NYE.

Both Jessica Vitela and Gayrelyn Miller are incredibly thankful and grateful to have been chosen to represent Stream Energy on such a grand stage. They would like to thank WFAA for the great hospitality and Stream Energy for the opportunity to represent the firm in front of thousands of people on the streets in Dallas and millions of others watching on television.

The two both said they would love to return to the stage next year to help ring in 2013 but said it was such a great and memorable experience that they hope other dedicated Stream Energy employees will have the opportunity to experience the once-in-a-lifetime event.

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