How Time Flies

Posted On: October 19, 2012

It hardly seems that it was only two years ago that we gathered with much fanfare in Houston for the purpose of launching Stream Energy’s expansion into the Northeast.

It was exciting to watch the faces of the thousands assembled in the George Brown Convention Center as we announced that our point of attack for this leap from our preceding Texas and Georgia markets would be the state of Pennsylvania, which had recently re-deregulated its markets.

As we celebrate this two-year anniversary of the Pennsylvania launch, we can look back and see what this event has meant to Stream Energy and Ignite.

Our Pennsylvania market entry was designed as the beachhead for a continuing and evolving invasion of the Northeast, allowing our ready addition of adjoining markets. And looking back to our ensuing addition of Maryland and New Jersey, I am sure that our field leadership now understands the decided and key advantage of geographic proximity in terms of projecting our organizational strength to these new jurisdictions.

Rapidly following from that October 2010 launch event, Stream Energy has grown into the largest independent energy retailer in Pennsylvania and is making terrific strides in building field leadership in New Jersey and Maryland. But having consolidated these initial gains, now is the time for Stream Energy and Ignite to again extend its message of hope and consumer choice to yet another key market in this region.

During the last two years, we’ve grown our customer base dramatically and have added millions of potential customers. We have dramatically changed the lives of many of our Igniters – both those of our longstanding Texas and Georgia leaderships, but also of the thousands of associates in the Northeast that had never even heard of our cause until the preceding two years.

With the introduction of natural gas service to our Northeast service areas and the announcement of two new state expansion initiatives prior to Ignition 2013, during the present time frame, we will have added TENS OF MILLIONS OF POTENTIAL NEW CUSTOMERS to our core constituency.

And indeed: over the six months between our mid-summer Power Surge event in Atlantic City and Ignition 2013 in Dallas, Stream Energy will have almost TRIPLED the number of switchable meters to the pool available for our Ignite associates.

As an Ignite Associate, what do these events mean to you?

These developments extend our promise of MORE: more jurisdictions, more Ignite Associates, more new downlines, more customers, more opportunity — and of course, more Monthly Residual Income.

So just think of where we’ll be two years from now, Gang. As well as the future that you and your Ignite teams can build for yourselves.

As I prepare for yet another East Coast road trip next week — ending at our Ignite Academy event in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania — know that we are ready for the next step in our continuing expansion effort.

The time is right. We are ready.

Are you?

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