Doing for Others

Posted On: April 6, 2011

By Senior Director of Communications Paul Thies

Paul Thies This past weekend, it was Stream Energy’s privilege to host an Easter Egg Hunt for children served by Captain Hope’s Kids.

As you may know, Stream Energy has been a corporate supporter of Captain Hope’s Kids (CHK) for several years now. During the 2010 holiday season, Stream Energy Chairman Rob Snyder kicked off our “A Big Difference Starts Small” campaign with a series of commercials which highlighted the good work done by CHK in meeting the needs of homeless children in the North Texas area.

Easter Egg Hunt As part of our ongoing commitment to CHK, we invited many of the children helped by CHK and their families to join Stream Energy employees and our own children at Sandy Lake Park on Saturday, April 2, for an egg hunt, a visit from the Easter Bunny, lunch and more.

As a Stream Energy employee, I can attest that having the opportunity to meet these children who we’ve supported through various initiatives, and being allowed to participate in their lives for part of a weekend, helped us appreciate to an even greater extent the value of doing something good for others.

I asked several of my fellow employees who helped put on this event what they thought, and here is what they had to say:

Meka Moore “I think it was a huge success, and I think everyone had a great time. The kids enjoyed the hunt and they really enjoyed finding money in some of their eggs. Plus, the employees and their families had a good time as well.” - Meka Moore, Loyalty - Quality Assurance

Joanna Mcquien “This event is now classified as my favorite Captain Hope’s Kids event because I got to spend some time with the kids. They were adorable! I originally thought they would be shy or withdrawn, but from the moment they bounced off that bus, they were there to have a good time. I LOVED IT!” - Joanna McQuien, Sr. Manager, IA Compliance & Ad Approval

Zhila Garza “I believe that whether you were there on your own or with your little ones it was a lot of fun and truly eye-opening. It is one thing to know that you are providing diapers, Christmas toys or stuffing 2,000 eggs for kids, but to actually see their little faces with huge smiles and grateful parents is another thing. I look forward to the next time Stream Energy can plan another event with Captain Hope’s Kids.” - Zhila Garza, Business Analyst II

Brian Hale “The Easter Egg Hunt was such a great experience for everyone involved. It allowed the employees of Stream Energy to meet the wonderful children that benefit from Captain Hope’s Kids. Getting to see the children and see that we really are making a difference in their lives is an experience that is very uplifting and humbling. It makes all the time and effort given to support Captain Hope’s Kids very well worth it.” – Brian Hale, Internet Communications Editor

Gayrelyn Miller “Words can’t express what we experienced on this day. Yes we’ve been very successful with the toy drives and the diaper drive but to see the kids of Captain Hope’s run, play and laugh was truly priceless.” – Gayrelyn Miller, Front Desk Coordinator

Stream Energy would like to especially thank two of our vendor partners for helping us put on this Easter Egg Hunt. Our friends at Bob Lilly Professional Promotions were kind enough to print and donate commemorative T-shirts for the occasion, and our friends at Impact Printing were gracious in supplying commemorative bags for the children to use in gathering Easter eggs.

Impact logo Bob Lilly

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