Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency Tips

Posted On: April 26, 2011

Stream Energy Check out these energy savings tips from Stream Energy for your home. Energy efficiency saves money. And deregulated energy markets, such as Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Maryland, allow you to shop for the best service. Stream Energy has fixed rate plans to help with your energy savings.

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to save money, especially in today’s economy. Consumers now cut coupons, limit their eating out, drive less and eliminate expenses that are not essential to their day to day living. When considering all these money savings opportunities, don’t forget to add energy savings tips to the list.

These energy savings tips will help you save on your electric bills and show you how to make decisions that will make your energy more efficient. Energy efficiency equals money savings and reduces energy waste to help the environment.

  1. In a deregulated energy market, choose a company with competitive pricing
  2. Turn off lights, computers and TVs when not in use
  3. Turn off air conditioning when you are away from home at work or for an extended length of time
  4. Turn down your thermostat just 1° to save up to 10% on your annual heating bill
  5. Replace older doors and windows to prevent air leakage
  6. Repair any leaky duct systems
  7. Have an energy audit or analysis completed on your air conditioner
  8. Keep air vents and doors open. Closing those increases air pressure and can damage your duct system
  9. Install a programmable thermostat to keep your home cool or warm when it needs to be
  10. Use fluorescent light bulbs with the “Energy Star” label
  11. Use power strips for home electronics, and turn power strip off when not in use
  12. Set hot water thermostat at 120°F
  13. Take shorter showers
  14. Choose appliances with the “Energy Star” label
  15. Only wash full loads of dishes or laundry and air dry
  16. Utilize energy savings window treatment or window film
  17. Wash clothes in cold water
  18. Set refrigerator temperatures between 37 ° F and 40° F
  19. Change air conditioning filters regularly
  20. Make sure your house is properly insulated: walls, attic, ceilings, floors and crawl spaces

Following some simple energy savings tips can reduce your annual energy bills by 10 – 20%. Not only do you save money, but you will be helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Check your state government to find out if your state has deregulated energy or when your state will be deregulated for additional energy savings. Stream Energy is a deregulated energy provider in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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